The Solar Project
The Solar Project The opening of For Kids Only (FKO), in 1996, was the culmination of a dream and the beginning of a path to make a difference in our community. Over the past 15 years we have worked to have a positive affect on the children in our care. We stress the importance of reaching out. Our children have helped raise funds for the SPCA of Briarcliff (our neighbor), UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity and Riley Saper’s Scholorship Fund. We teach the importance of protecting the environment through conserving electricity and water as well as recycling and reusing.

We believe that it essential for us to provide positive models for the children. That is the primary reason for the decision to install solar power at FKO. We set an example for our children to take care of our environment, and showed them that we practice what we preach.

Green Hybrid Energy Systems (GHES) worked with us to develop a system that has reduced our electric costs by 60% and reduced the carbon footprint by 22,000 pounds per year. With subsidies from the State and Federal government, it was an affordable investment and we were happy to fulfill another dream. We hope to continue spreading our sunshine in the years ahead.
Wendy Masserman,
Executive Director
  We made the news with our Solar Project. Here's a few stories....

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This project provides all their electric power and allows
them to feed excess power back to the utility
We have panels on the wide expanse of the top
floor roof, as well as on the awning on the south
side of the building.

We have ground-based solar tracking, which
will allow the panels to follow the sun for maximum


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