Tuition is paid weekly for the current week. Tuition may be paid monthly. Tuition must be paid by end of day Wednesday, in order to avoid late fees of $10.00 per week. Full tuition is paid regardless of absences of the child.  Click for Fee Schedule...

Full time students (5 days per week/12 months) will receive 5 tuition-free days. Those attending 4 days per week receive 4 tuition-free days etc. You may begin using these days after 3 months of attendance in the school. If you leave prior to being at the center for 12 months, your days are prorated and payment arrangements will be made.  In order to receive a refundable deposit, parents must give 30 day notice upon leaving the program.

The center must be notified by 9:00AM of the prior day off in order to use these days. They may not be used on days that your child attends. If you do not use your tuition-free days within the 12 month period, they are lost. Unused days may not be carried over.
Parents are welcome to visit the center and bring their children. If interested, they will be given a preliminary registration form. This must be returned with a non-refundable check.

Parents will then be provided with all necessary paperwork including: medical forms (to be signed by the pediatrician and updated each year), authorized releases, personality profile, parent handbook, etc.

There is a refundable deposit required at this time. Click for Registration Form....

  When A Child Gets Sick
For the mutual welfare of all our children, it is imperative that children be in good health when they come to school. If a child gets sick during the day, you will be called to have him/her picked up immediately. If the child cannot be picked up immediately, he/she will be placed on a rest mat in an administrative office until picked up. If they have a temperature, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, etc, the child must remain out of the center for 24 hours and must be symptom free for 24 hours.

We are authorized to dispense medication. Several staff have received Medical Administrative Training (MAT). If the pediatrician prescribes medicine, we will administer it ONLY if the following conditions are met:

1. We receive written permission from the doctor, on authorized forms provided by For Kids Only with the child's name, age, dosage and times for administration of medicine (for over the counter products as well as prescription medications).

2. Medicine is in its original container.

If your child is ill and can not attend school, notify us by 9:00AM. It is especially important that we be notified immediately in cases of communicable illness such as chicken pox. A current medical form must be on file at all times.

Our goal is to build self-discipline in the children so that they will develop the self-control needed to make appropriate decisions. We will provide an atmosphere where children learn, from adult models, consideration for one another, civility and the importance of sharing.

Preventive discipline will be a major strategy as our experience tells us that attention to both children and their environment can prevent many discipline problems. We believe that building competence is an important element in the self-esteem that is required for self-discipline so we will provide opportunities for children to learn and build their skills.

Staff is trained to observe to prevent trouble before it happens. They will distract younger children away from a difficult situation, suggesting why the alternate might be a better idea. With older children having disagreements, staff will intervene and assist the children in using speech to work out the problem thus diffusing the quarrel before it escalates.

Children who are unable to comply with the group needs will be separated and talked with until they feel able to return to the group productively. Corporal punishment of any kind is prohibited. There will be no isolation used nor will the withholding of food or program activities be used as punishment. If difficulties with a child persist, parents, child and teacher will meet together to work out strategies that will work for everyone.

  Parents As Partners
It is the policy of For Kids Only that parents have access to the children at any time during the hours of operation. There is no need for parents to make an appointment to see their children.

Only persons specified on the release form will be allowed to pick up children. People who are not known to us must be prepared to show picture identification. The PARENT must notify us if someone other than the parents will be picking up the child on any given day (even if they are named on the release form). Any legal custody agreements must be on file in our office.

Every preschool child will need a full change of clothing with the name clearly marked. It is important that all children dress appropriately for the weather as we will go outdoors to play each day (weather permitting).

  Drop Off / Pick Up
Staff will be available to speak to parents as they arrive to pick up their children. Children can be picked up anytime during the afternoon. We close at 6:00PM. If you are going to be late, you must call the center. Someone will be there to stay until all children are picked up.

Parents must pay $5.00 for each 15 minute period that they are late, from 6:05 - 6:15. Staff are still available for late care from 6PM -7PM at a fixed rate. After 7PM, late fees apply at a rate of $5.00 per 15 minutes.

You will receive a calendar (Click here) each year which will indicate the days that the center is closed. . We will remain open when schools are closed for snow days (unless it is a New York State emergency). Nursery School follows the Ossining school calendar. Click to visit Ossining Union Free School District (USFD).

We will notify the storm center at WFAS 103.9. Children enrolled in our full day care programs will be able to attend during school vacations, teacher conference days etc. Our school age children may attend 2-4 hours before additional hourly charges are assessed.


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